Getting Started

First, add the following to your crate's Cargo.toml:

# in section [dependencies]
askama = "0.12.1"

Now create a directory called templates in your crate root. In it, create a file called hello.html, containing the following:

Hello, {{ name }}!

In any Rust file inside your crate, add the following:

use askama::Template; // bring trait in scope

#[derive(Template)] // this will generate the code...
#[template(path = "hello.html")] // using the template in this path, relative
                                 // to the `templates` dir in the crate root
struct HelloTemplate<'a> { // the name of the struct can be anything
    name: &'a str, // the field name should match the variable name
                   // in your template

fn main() {
    let hello = HelloTemplate { name: "world" }; // instantiate your struct
    println!("{}", hello.render().unwrap()); // then render it.

You should now be able to compile and run this code.

Using integrations

To use one of the integrations, with axum as an example:

First, add this to your Cargo.toml instead:

# in section [dependencies]
askama_axum = "0.4.0"

Then, import from askama_axum instead of askama:

fn main() {
use askama_axum::Template;

This enables the implementation for axum's IntoResponse trait, so an instance of the template can be returned as a response.

For other integrations, import and use their crate accordingly.