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Askama implements a template rendering engine based on Jinja. It generates Rust code from your templates at compile time based on a user-defined struct to hold the template's context. See below for an example, or read the book.

"Pretty exciting. I would love to use this already." -- Armin Ronacher, creator of Jinja

All feedback welcome. Feel free to file bugs, requests for documentation and any other feedback to the issue tracker or tweet me.

Askama was created by and is maintained by Dirkjan Ochtman. If you are in a position to support ongoing maintenance and further development or use it in a for-profit context, please consider supporting my open source work on Patreon.

Feature highlights

  • Construct templates using a familiar, easy-to-use syntax
  • Benefit from the safety provided by Rust's type system
  • Template code is compiled into your crate for optimal performance
  • Optional built-in support for Actix, Axum, Gotham, Mendes, Rocket, tide, and warp web frameworks
  • Debugging features to assist you in template development
  • Templates must be valid UTF-8 and produce UTF-8 when rendered
  • IDE support available in JetBrains products
  • Works on stable Rust

Supported in templates

  • Template inheritance
  • Loops, if/else statements and include support
  • Macro support
  • Variables (no mutability allowed)
  • Some built-in filters, and the ability to use your own
  • Whitespace suppressing with '-' markers
  • Opt-out HTML escaping
  • Syntax customization